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About AVS

AVS Jewellery Limited is a local manufacturer specializing in 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry.
Apart from Hong Kong office, AVS also set up a well-equipped production facility in Panyu, China.

Our team of designers and production staff are equipped with advanced technological and designing skills to deliver jewelry innovation.

Our Business

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional ODM, OEM & OBM services to our customers including different globally famous brands. Not only providing silver jewellery, but also jewellery in 14K, 10K, 9K gold .

Our Strength

AVS's designs embrace boldness and delicacy, attributed to its professional and experienced teams of design and production.With a well-established nationwide sales network and distinguished experience in jewelery design, we are able to combine the creative mind from our sales efficiently with the aim to strive for excellence in jewelry design.Understanding specific market trends as well as customer preferences allow us to create unique jewellery to our customers.


  • AVS is qualified with international standards by recognised international organisations 

  • Responsible employer who strongly against hiring child labor, we conduct necessary hiring process to ensure all of our work-force, including those in our factory are legally employed

  • ​We put the safety and benefit of our employees as our top priority which we have all of them insured with social insurance


Equipped with advanced machinery in our production line, we semi-automatically produce the finest silver jewellery. 

Every AVS's jewelry consists of meticulous and sophisticated craftsmanship and  high quality materials. We strive to be the leader in silver jewelry bringing the modern and good quality of jewelry to our customers.


AVS coordinates diverse strategic plans in order to achieve the best for its customers, namely Regional Exclusive Design Program, Design & Trend Analysis Program, Image Upgrading Program, Brand Development Program and Brand Retailing Program (China).

AVS does not only provide delicate and exquisite silver jewellery, but also all-rounded services for the sake of its customer's success.

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